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About Us

Vibrant nautical pieces for men of exquisite tastes


Two things inspire us at Kaiba: Nautical way of life and vibrant breath of nature.

Our desire to dress the men of exquisite tastes urged us to create the highest quality of swimwear. Our love for the nature infused the most realistic colors of nature to our designs. With Kaiba swimwear we are dreaming of making you feel like blending in with the nature while standing out in your circle.

We have been producing swimwear since 2005 and know how to combine the best material with the best tailoring for every small detail. We are basically obsessed about the best fabrics, best nettings, best drawstrings, best tips, best stiches and the best attitude. We are extremely conscious for environment and human rights and we walk the talk in every step of our production.

We use healthy and/or natural fibers for all garments and avoid carcinogenic dyes and accessories in all parts. We engineer our cuts and fittings for your best comfort so each of our shorts are designed to be worn throughout the day rather than being just swimwear pieces.



With each Kaiba piece you feel like blending in with the
nature while standing out in your circle.



Last but not the least, we believe in the magic of our name Kaiba.

Japanese word for sea horse. Sea horses are believed to bring good luck, security and livelihood to sailors in many different cultures from Europe to Asia.

We believe each Kaiba piece will be a good luck charm for the owner to bring joy and prosperity. We hope you enjoy our garments as much as we enjoyed creating them.